List of Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships

To live a joyful, successful, and fulfilling life, it is crucial to constantly growing, learning, and obtaining new skills. We as a species have realized that the only way to advance is to continue educating ourselves and broadening the scope of our knowledge.

List of Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships
Learning throughout one’s life should not be considered as a luxury or a question of personal preference, but rather as a necessary for keeping one’s job and, more broadly, for living a happy, successful life. This is especially true in today’s volatile job market, which is continuously altering and adapting. It should come as no surprise that a large number of young people are no longer debating whether or not they need a college degree, but rather what kind of degree is best for them, given global statistics indicating that college degree holders earn higher wages, have better social-economic status, have better health insurance, and are generally better suited than those without a college degree.


Undergraduate degrees are awarded to people who have finished some undergraduate education. An undergraduate degree is simply a colloquial word for a first academic degree. Undergraduate degrees are typically four-year degrees offered at higher educational institutions such as colleges and universities.

KAIST Undergraduate Student Scholarship
Undergraduate scholarships are provided through the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology to international applicants.


The undergraduate scholarship is only available to students enrolled in KAIST’s master’s degree programs.

This scholarship will cover the entire cost of tuition, as well as a monthly allowance of up to 800,000 KRW, a round-trip economy ticket, the cost of Korean language classes, and medical insurance. List of Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships.

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The International Leader of Tomorrow Award is presented by the University of British Columbia. International students from secondary schools and post-secondary institutions all over the world who have demonstrated academic excellence are eligible for bachelor’s degrees from the University of British Columbia (UBC).

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The International Leader of Tomorrow Reward recipients receive a monetary incentive based on their level of financial need. This degree of need is estimated by subtracting from the total cost of the student’s tuition, fees, and living expenses the annual financial contribution that the student and their family are able to contribute toward the costs of the student’s education.


If you are interested in attending the University of British Columbia, we have a comprehensive article on the university that examines the proportion of candidates accepted as well as the admission requirements.

Westminster offers full scholarships to international students.
Students from less developed countries who intend to study at the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom and acquire a full-time undergraduate degree in any field are eligible to receive financial aid in the form of scholarships from the institution.

This scholarship covers the whole cost of tuition, accommodation, and living expenses, as well as round-trip transportation to and from London.

MEXT scholarships provided by the Japanese government
Students from World Bank member nations who are enrolled in development-related programs at one of a number of institutions situated across the world are eligible for financial aid under the Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program.

This scholarship will cover your travel fees between your home country and the host university, as well as your undergraduate degree tuition, basic medical insurance, and a monthly subsistence allowance to help with living expenses, including books.

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African Students at the University of Ottawa in Canada Receive Academic Excellence Scholarships
The University of Ottawa offers African students who enroll in one of the university’s faculties the opportunity to receive a fully financed university scholarship:

Engineering is a large category, but two examples are civil engineering and chemical engineering.

Sociology, anthropology, international development and globalization, conflict studies, and public administration are all examples of social science subjects.

Except for the joint honors Bachelor of Science degrees in Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering (Biotechnology) and the Bachelor of Science degrees in Ophthalmic Medical Technology, all programs in the scientific discipline.

Scholarship at the University of Canberra in Australia
Students from various countries who want to study at the University of Canberra in Australia can apply for the Vice-Champion Chancellor’s Scholarship.

These students are required to embody the university’s guiding ideals and to demonstrate a dedication to topics such as social participation, environmental stewardship, and inequality eradication.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation offers scholarships to international students studying in Germany.
Students from other countries are eligible for complete financial support for their studies in Germany from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

This fellowship is solely available to students from Asia, Africa, Latin America, post-Soviet republics, and eastern and southern-eastern European (EU) countries.

Students from any field who have showed great school or academic distinction, a desire to extend their study in Germany, and a commitment to and active participation in social democratic ideas are eligible to apply. List of Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships.

Kolten Scholarship for Undergraduate Students at Simmons University
The Gilbert and Marcia Kolten Scholars Program undergraduate fellowship at Simmons University comes with a full scholarship.

List of Fully Funded Masters Scholarships Available Right Now
This grant is given to the best and brightest students at Simmons University who want to pursue a transformative education. This scholarship has a high level of competition.

Simmons’ most prestigious prize recognizes extraordinary success in academic research, academic travel, and intellectual curiosity.

Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries Offered by the Government of Slovakia
Scholarships are offered from the Slovakian government for students who want to study in Slovak. These scholarships can be obtained through the Slovak Republic’s Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sports.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be a developing-country national presently enrolled in an educational program in the Slovak Republic.

This scholarship will be available to applicants until the end of the regular academic session.


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