List of Fully Funded Masters Scholarships Available Now.

Graduate school scholarships and grants will be extremely beneficial to the majority of individuals who wish to pursue a second degree. When all is said and done, going graduate school often comes at a high expense, with a master’s degree typically costing $66,340.

Here are some options and programs to look into if you’re looking for graduate school scholarships to assist make the cost of obtaining a Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy more doable.


List of Fully Funded Masters Scholarships Available Now
Individuals with a master’s degree or higher have the potential to earn around 17% more than those with a bachelor’s degree. Paying for graduate school, on the other hand, is not the same as paying for undergraduate education because the Department of Education now considers you to be financially independent.

After submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Help (FAFSA), the federal government’s application for graduate school financial aid, you will most certainly require additional funds to keep you afloat. Submitting a scholarship application can help you gain access to money that you will not have to repay.


In the event that you want to have a sense of what’s out there before you start searching for graduate school scholarships using the resources offered, here are five different awards that serve as sampling of the wide range of programs that are available:

Named Scholarship Fund Graduate students who plan to use their degree to campaign for social change after Davis and Putter are eligible for awards of up to $15,000 in select situations. People who have previously received donations include those who are now fighting to combat sexism, homophobia, racism, and other forms of oppression.

The American Foundation for Speech and Language Research
A $5,000 scholarship will be given to up to fifteen graduate students in the United States who are currently enrolled in a program that focuses in communication sciences or disorders.

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Graduate Student Scholarship in Honor of Foster G. McGaw is another fully funded MBA scholarship for international students in the United States.


Up to fifteen graduate students can each receive $5,000 to help with the expense of their last year of study in a graduate program in health care management.

The Educational Opportunity to Continue Education and Advance
You could receive up to $4,000 per year toward the payment of your graduate degree in exchange for at least four years of service in an elementary school supporting pupils from low-income families.

Grant for Professional Development
Graduate school funding of up to $12,000 is offered to women who apply and are pursuing an advanced degree in education, health, medical, or social sciences.

McCall MacBain will award scholarships for study in Canada.
The McCall MacBain Prize for Master’s and Professional Degree Students is Canada’s first leadership-driven scholarship. It was founded in February 2019 by a $200 million bequest from John McCall MacBain and Marcy McCall MacBain. It takes its name from John and Marcy McCall MacBain. Candidates who plan to apply for admission to a full-time Master’s or second-entry professional undergraduate program at McGill University in the Fall of 2022 are eligible for this Canada Scholarship. Candidates must be either Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

A Knight-Hennessy Scholarship for All Stanford University Students
The Knight-Hennessy Scholars (KHS) program funds graduate studies at Stanford University for up to three years. The program provides financial assistance for the degree program stated in the initial letter of acceptance to KHS. KHS allows scholars to apply for supplementary funding for a second graduate degree that they intend to pursue for up to three years. If a scholar is accepted into a degree program that lasts more than three years, such as an MD, PhD, or Stanford dual- or joint-degree program, support is based on the graduate degree program’s typical funding commitment.

Fully Funded Online MBA Scholarships are also available.
Scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate Study in All Subjects are Available in Germany.
Graduates who have completed their first degree (such as a Bachelor’s or Diploma) by the time they begin their program are eligible for one of these Germany Scholarships, which pay all of their tuition expenditures.

Following the submission of an application, the program will normally begin on October 1 of the following year, or sooner if a German course is completed prior to beginning the study program. The scholarship is open to students enrolled in a Master’s degree program (and, under some conditions, Ph.D. studies) at state or state-recognized German universities in any field of study.

Italy is providing 100 scholarships to students with international protection.
As part of a program called 100 Scholarships for Students with International Protection, the Italian government is awarding 100 scholarships to students who have international protection. The program’s goal is to assist people in Italy who are refugees or have international protection. Students who reside a greater distance from the university are eligible for a set-amount scholarship, the amount of which is fixed annually by the Ministry of University and Research.

Educational institutions are provided financing and are compelled to offer scholarships as a result of the Right to Study, sometimes in collaboration with regional authorities.

Fellowships in the banding Program are available from the Canadian government.

The Fellowship provides financial support to the brightest postdoctoral applicants from both within and beyond the country, with the intention that these persons will make a significant contribution to the country’s sustained growth in research and social development.

The scholarship provides a total of $70,000 per year, which is taxed. The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program aims to attract and retain top-tier postdoctoral talent, both nationally and globally; to develop their leadership potential; and to position them for success as future research leaders.

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German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Scholarship to Study Architecture in Germany
This German scholarship program is open to candidates from other countries who have already completed their first degree from an accredited university and are working in the fields of architecture, interior design, monument conservation, urban planning/urban development, landscape architecture, or landscape planning.

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The program allows candidates to pursue a Master’s or postgraduate degree that leads to a final qualification, or a complementing course that does not lead to a final qualification (but is not an undergraduate course) at a state or state-recognized German institution of their choice. Candidates will also receive complete financial support through the program.

Depending on the topic of study, completing a graduate school program can help you get a job faster and dramatically increase your salary. However, deciding whether or not to attend a higher education school is not an easy undertaking. Even with scholarships available for graduate students, the high cost can lead to financial issues in the future.

If you are unclear whether pursuing a higher degree is the best option for you, consider whether graduate school is worth the financial expenditure before committing.

And, if you do decide that this is the best option for your professional life, make sure to look into the numerous graduate school scholarships and grants that are available to you in order to lessen the amount of debt you will have to pay off in the future.

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