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Tasha Cobbs Leonard – Christmas Praise


Leonard‘s “Christmas Praise” is a heartwarming and spiritually enriching addition to the world of Christmas music. It combines the joy of the holiday season with the reverence of gospel music, making it a cherished part of Christmas celebrations for those who appreciate the message of faith, love, and praise during this special time of year.

Christmas Praise” captures the essence of the holiday season by blending the traditions of Christmas with the heartfelt expressions of faith and worship. Tasha Cobbs Leonard's rendition infuses the song with a unique gospel flavor, making it a standout addition to Christmas playlists for those who appreciate the beauty of gospel music.

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Christmas Praise Lyrics By Tasha Cobbs Leonard

You know on Christmas when the parents pile all the gifts under the tree
And you open em and your like ohh thank you mama ohh thank you mama
Then when all the gifts gone they say go out the door
And it's something out there major with a big red bow on it
And you forget about thank you mama and you just go ahahhahhh!
I want somebody to give God a Christmas praise!
Hold on, hold on!
Cause we been praising him for the stuff that's under the tree
But God said I got something outside that you can't even imagine
Somebody outta give God a Christmas pra…

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