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Michael W. Smith – Live Forever


“Live Forever” is a Christian worship song by the acclaimed American Christian artist . It was featured as the title track on his 2000 album, “Live Forever.” Michael W. Smith, born on October 7, 1957, in Kenova, West Virginia, has had a profound influence on contemporary Christian music and is widely regarded as one of the genre's pioneering figures.

“Live Forever” is a song that celebrates the eternal hope and promise found in Christianity. It reflects on the idea that, through faith in Jesus Christ, believers can look forward to an everlasting life beyond this world. The song's lyrics convey themes of hope, redemption, and the assurance of God's love and grace.

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Live Forever Lyrics By Michael W. Smith

You painted me a picture of tomorrow
A place where you and I walked hand in hand
A world without despair and without shadows
But things just didn't turn out how we'd planned
Now you're gone

And I believe that there is somewhere
Where the angels fill the sky
And I believe we'll live forever
You and I, you and I
Will never die

I wonder if you knew that you were leaving
I thought that I saw something in your eyes
You painted me a picture of believing
I'll see you there on the other side
And I'll be there


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