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Marvin Sapp – We Worship You Today


We Worship You Today” is a significant track in Marvin Sapp's collection of recorded works. The song serves as a profound declaration of worship, offering praise and honor to God for His unending love, grace, and mercy. Its lyrics convey a sense of humility and reverence, emphasizing the supreme authority and goodness of the Divine. The song's expressive melody, coupled with 's passionate delivery, makes it a beloved choice in church services and gatherings where believers seek to express their profound worship and adoration.

We Worship You Today by Marvin Sapp is a deeply spiritual and expressive gospel song that serves as a heartfelt expression of worship and gratitude to God. Marvin Sapp, a revered figure in the gospel music genre, is known for his soulful vocals, profound lyrics, and unwavering faith.

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We Worship You Today Lyrics By Marvin Sapp

[Verse 1:]
My life is a testimony, my heart is an open vessel.
My will is the part that yields to Your will.
My walk is the way You lead me,
my talk is the words You feed,
my praise is the sweetest sound to Your ears.

Hallelujah, [x3]
we worship You today.

[Verse 2:]
I live ‘cause You have allowed,
I give ‘cause You showed me how;
I'm here as a testimony to You.
There's no place I'd rather be,
there's no other God for me,
there's no other name I give all the praise.


We worship, we worship, we worship,
we worship, we worship, we worship,
we worship, we worship, we worship,
we worship You today.

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