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Kurt Carr – Hallelujah Praise (Reign (Reprise))


, a name synonymous with gospel music excellence, has a gift for creating songs that uplift the spirit and draw us into the presence of God. Among his many remarkable compositions, “Hallelujah Praise (Reign (Reprise))” stands as a joyful anthem of worship. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance and impact of this spirited piece of gospel music.

Released as part of his 1997 album “No One Else,” “Hallelujah Praise (Reign (Reprise))” is an extension of the original track “Reign.” This reprise takes the listener on an even deeper journey into worship, serving as a powerful reminder of the majesty and sovereignty of God.

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Hallelujah Praise (Reign (Reprise)) Lyrics by Kurt Carr

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