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Kim Burrell – I Worship


Title: “'s ‘I Worship': A Profound Journey of Faith and Devotion”

Kim Burrell's “I Worship” is a musical masterpiece that takes us on a spiritual journey of faith and devotion. It encourages us to enter into the presence of God with open hearts and to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Through its simple yet profound lyrics and Kim's exceptional vocal talent, it invites us to experience the transformative power of worship.

So, the next time you seek a song that allows you to express your devotion and surrender to God, listen to “I Worship” by Kim Burrell. Let its heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring melody lead you into a state of worship and communion with the Divine, for it is a song that beautifully encapsulates the essence of a worshiper's heart.

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I Worship Lyrics by Kim Burrel

You call I come
You speak I hear
I lift my hands
I worship
Your will be done
Your word obey
I lift my voice
I worship

Your presence, Lord
Now in this place
We reverence you with worship
Just the thought if you
Takes my breathe away
You're amazing and I'm here to worship

You call I come (here I come)
You speak I hear (I hear you speaking Lord)
I lift my hands (I lift my hands)
I worship (and I worship you)
Your will be done (your will be done)
Your word obey (I'm gonna obey)
I lift my voice (I lift my voice)
I worship (to worship)

You're… an
Holy Lord
Ain't nobody like you
You're an awesome God and
That's why we worship
You're the righteous king
And you're the lover of our souls
The giver of life
And right now we worship

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Oh holy one (you are the holy one)
The great I am (you are the great I am)
My melody (you are my melody)
In the midnight hour (in the midnight hour)
I lift my hands in total praise

For you're excellence and greatness
You're the mighty God

With all that I have
I worship
All I have
Oh God
I love you and I praise you
I bless your name my God

I worship (I worship)
I worship you (I worship)
You're my redeemer (I worship you)
And I worship you
Lord I love you
No one else can do me like you
I give you my heart
I give you my soul
I give you everything
Lord have your way
Have your way in me Lord
You know that I love ya
You know I need you
I bless your name
You know that I love you
Adore you
I place no one before you God
Stay right by my side
You know that I worship you
I love you Lord (we love you)
With my soul adore you (adore you)
Love you with soul (we bless you)
I bless your name (we worship)
I bless your name Lord
I love you with all my heart
And I'll serve you with all my strength…
Lord I'll bless you everyday…


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