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J Moss is a highly respected figure in the world of gospel music, known for his soulful voice and the meaningful messages embedded in his songs. One of his notable tracks, “Love Like That,” showcases his talent for delivering powerful messages of faith and love through his music.

“Love Like That” is a gospel song that delves into the profound concept of unconditional love, emphasizing the importance of emulating the selfless love of Jesus Christ. The song’s lyrics encourage listeners to aspire to love others with the same depth and compassion that Christ demonstrated during his time on Earth.

The song opens with a soft and soulful piano melody that sets a contemplative and introspective mood. J Moss’s emotive and velvety vocals then take center stage, delivering the lyrics with a blend of sincerity and passion that resonates deeply with the listener.

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Love Like That Lyrics By J Moss

How can you love so much
That you gave your life for us
How do you care so much
And always be there for us
How can you be so patience
How do you keep on waiting
How do you keep on blessing
In the midst of my sin
How do you love like that
Your supernatural love for me
How do you love like that
Enough to suffer brutality
How do you love like that
To love greater than another
How do you love like that
Is a love that is giving by no other
How can you be so tolerant forgive my mistake inspired of it
How could you look beyond every fault and see all my good inside of it
In the history of my being I never felt loved so deep without a reason
Out of all the feelings I have experienced I can’t explain what is giving
Now they can research the books of old but they won’t find a better story told
Love that makes you gave yourself
They won’t find
Better expressing from nobody else but you.
How do you, how do you, how do you love like


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