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Hezekiah Walker – Power Belongs to God


“Power Belongs to God” is a song that emphasizes the omnipotence and sovereignty of God. The lyrics highlight the belief that ultimate power and authority rest with the divine, and it encourages listeners to trust in God's strength and guidance in all aspects of life.

is a gospel music icon known for his passionate performances and uplifting songs that inspire faith and hope. “Power Belongs to God” is one of his most celebrated tracks, a gospel anthem that resonates deeply with listeners through its powerful message and spirited melody.

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Power Belongs to God Lyrics by Hezekiah Walker

[Verse 1:]
Trust in the Lord at all times
Pour out your heart before Him
Power belongeth to God

God has spoken once
And twice have I heard this
Power belongeth to God

Who can search His understanding
His thoughts higher than ours
All power's in His hands
For my life He has a plan

God is our salvation
We find refuge in Him
Power belongs
Power belongs to God

[Verse 2:]
Great is our God almighty
And He is strong at battle
Power belongs to our God

Although an host encamp me
Encamp and do surround me
Power belongs to our God

I shall not be afraid of the terror by night
Nor the arrow by day
I'm persuaded come what may

And now trouble behind me
I've got great joy before me
Power belongs
Power belongs to God

There is nothing too hard for God
Nothing too hard for God
Power belongs to God


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