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Fred Hammond – My Love Is Real ft Tisha Stratford


, a gospel music legend, has spent decades creating inspirational and soul-stirring music that speaks to the depths of our hearts. Among his many masterpieces, “My Love Is Real,” featuring the talented Tisha Stratford, shines as a testament to the enduring power of love. In this blog post, we delve into the lyrical and emotional richness of this song, celebrating the universal theme of unconditional love.

Fred Hammond's masterful songwriting skills shine through in “My Love Is Real.” The lyrics serve as a declaration—a solemn vow of love's enduring nature. The melody, accompanied by heartfelt instrumentation, encapsulates the emotion and depth of the message.

As listeners, we are drawn into the intimate world of the song, where love is celebrated as the most profound and unwavering force in our lives. It reminds us that true love is not fleeting but rather a steadfast presence that sustains us through life's joys and trials.

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My Love Is Real Lyrics by Fred Hammond

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