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Byron Cage – Just Knowing Jesus


In the realm of gospel music, few artists can capture the essence of faith and spirituality quite like . His soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics have touched the hearts of listeners for decades. Among his inspirational compositions, “Just Knowing Jesus” stands as a timeless testament to the profound connection one can find in their faith journey.

Byron Cage's “Just Knowing Jesus” is a song that speaks to the very essence of our faith journeys. It reminds us that beyond religious rituals and traditions, there is a profound and transformative relationship waiting to be discovered with the Divine. As we listen to this captivating composition, we are encouraged to seek that personal connection with Jesus, to find solace and fulfillment in His presence, and to let our faith transform us from the inside out. Thank you, Byron Cage, for sharing this beautiful message of faith and relationship with the world through “Just Knowing Jesus.”

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Just Knowing Jesus Lyrics by Byron Cage

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